Friday, November 7, 2008

Art of war - Sun Tze

Art of war - Sun Tze

Why Competitive Intelligence does not work?

Why Competitive Intelligence does not work in some companies?

Here you are the answer from Competitive Intelligence, Author; Larry Kahaner
  1. Top management was not involved
  2. Tasks are not focus or issue oriented
  3. To much emphasis on collection
  4. Not involving every one in the company
  5. Not establishing ethical guidelines

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Building Competitive Intelligence System in your Company

How to build Competitive Intelligence system ?

Here you are the answer from Competitive Intelligence, Author; Larry Kahaner
  1. Select a director of Competitive Intelligence and put him in the right location
  2. Bringing ex military or political intelligence people
  3. The director should determine how the key intelligence users are and what they will use the intelligence for
  4. Perform an intelligence audit of your company
  5. Design a network to move information and intelligence around the company using what is already in place
  6. Establish companywide ethical and legal guideline for Competitive Intelligence

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Business War Games

Business War Games
I have bought this book ( Business War Games )for a week ago and I recommend it for all CI professionals

Competitive Intelligence Basics Workshop in Egypt

CI professionals, You are welcomed in Egypt
Competitive Intelligence Basics Workshop (ICI-1)
Nov. 10/11 2008, Cairo, Egypt
Institute for Competitive Intelligence

In times of increasing competition and complex, fastmoving competitive environments, it is important to be one step ahead of the competition. Businesses have to anticipate the activities of their competitors when developing their strategic positioning. Competitive analyses are essential to the successful development of corporate strategy, conducting anticipatory strategy planning and gaining a measurable competitive advantage. Competitive Intelligence, which brings in a systematic analysis process, adds the decisive edge to strategy.
This workshop conveys the fundamentals needed to efficiently conduct research, master information overload, use analytical tools intelligently, implement CI as a process in your business and make strategic decisions with greater certainty.

Workshop focus

The value of Competitive Intelligence (CI) for your business

Analysis of one’s own company: Where are we now and where do we intend to go?

Handling the information overload and testing data quality

Analytical methods to determine the competitive and market situation

Successful implementation of a CI system in a business

CI professionals, You are welcomed in Egypt

Welcome to CI

Welcome to CI